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How to enable Offline payment option for WordPress events?

Offline payment options allow your users to process payments without a traditional online payment gateway or card payment options.

Additionally, the transactions are recorded and the payment is processed later by the admin.

This payment processing system is widely used by event-based websites, eCommerce websites, membership and subscription websites.

Offering multiple payment options such as offline payment along with the top payment gateways helps retain more customers and increase sales.

To incorporate offline WordPress payment options into your website, you can utilize the Offline Payments extension by EventPrime.

The extension enables your users to book tickets for events using offline payment options. You can further process these payments from your dashboard.

Apart from this payment option, EventPrime comes with other multiple payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, and more. You can explore all the features of this plugin here.

In this article, we have additionally demonstrated how to add payment option to website along with all the features of the Offline Payment extension.

Features of Offline Payment Extension

The extension boasts multiple high-value features that allow you to accept, manage, and process offline payments without any hassle. Here are some of the highlights of this extension:

  • Multiple setting options for offline payments 
  • Easy process of adding, managing, and accepting offline payment 
  • Display the offline payment option on the event booking payment page
  • Allow event attendees to book the event with a pending payment status
  • Update and maintain the status of offline bookings for attendees on the backend Attendees page
  • An option to cancel offline bookings for users and admin
  • Mark the canceled offline bookings as refunded
  • Automatically cancels the bookings for recurring events when the main event is canceled

A guide on how to add offline payment options to your WordPress website

To get started, download and install the extension from this link or the button below. If you have the premium or premium+ version of EventPrime, you do not need to download the extension separately. The above-mentioned packages include the extension already.

Once, you have downloaded and installed the extension on your backend, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Hover the cursor over the EventPrime menu and click on Settings.

Step 2: From settings, navigate to the extensions tab and click manage of the ‘EventPrime Sponser’ Plugin

Step 3: Enable offline payment method from this setting. Also, you can enable option to send tickets after payment confirmation and to add some instruction for this payment method add instructions in ‘Booking Notice’ textarea.

Step 4: You can see these changes in payments tab of settings of EventPrime.

Step 5: Once the setting is saved, the offline payment option will be displayed on the frontend for all the event bookings.

Step 6: You can see ‘Pay locally’ as the payment method. Choose that to confirm your booking. After booking, you can see the booking details.

Step 7: Above you can see your payment status as “Pending”, since the admin has not processed and confirmed the payment status.

How can admin manage and change the status for pending offline payments?

Step1: Go to EventPrime left menu on your Dashboard and click on ‘Bookings.’

Step 2: On the Booking page you can manage all the bookings and attendee details. Additionally, you can use the filters to search or filter attendees.

Step 3: Click on the Event of Attendee (shown in the blue link) to change the booking status for the particular attendee.

Step 4: On the next page change the payment status to Pending, Received, or Cancelled.

Step 5: Once you change its status to received or cancelled, the payment status will be changed.

Step6: Once confirmed, the user payment status on the backend as well as frontend will change into ‘Received.’

Concluding Note

Offline WordPress payment options have lately become one of the most used payment options.

And the Offline Payments extension not only sets you ahead in the sales game but also allows you to manage and add striking offline payment methods to your WordPress website. 

However, it is advised to offer multiple payment options for your users such as online payment gateways, card payment options, and offline payment options.

EventPrime can serve as a complete solution as it not only offers top payment gateways but also allows you to add offline payment options. To explore more about this plugin click the below-given button. 

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