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How to Assign Event Types or Categories to Your WordPress Events?

Quick Overview

To add WordPress Event Types/Categories, follow these steps:

  • EventPrime Menus > Event Types
  • Event Types > Add Event Types
  • Enter details and save changes.


Creating Event Types for your WordPress website can enhance the organization and categorization of your Events. In this post, we’ll discuss how to efficiently create Event Types using EventPrime, ensuring a great experience for both administrator and users.

Navigating to EventPrime Menus

To initiate the process, head to the EventPrime menu on your WordPress dashboard and locate the Event-Types option. Click on it to access the dedicated Event Types page.

EventPrime Menus

The Event Types page will be visible as per the following screenshot:

EventPrime –> Event Types page

Entering Details on Event Types Page

Now when you’re on the Event Types page provide the necessary details for your Event Types:

  • Name – Start by entering a name for the Event Type. Ensure it’s clear and descriptive, helping users identify the category easily.
  • Slug – Create a URL-friendly version of the name. This will be part of the Event Type’s web address.
  • Description – Provide a brief but informative description of the Event Type. This adds context and helps users understand what to expect from Events in this category.
  • Background Color – Select a background color for the Events associated with this type or category. Choose a color that aligns with the theme and purpose of the Events and your website.
  • Text Color – Choose a text color that complements the background color. This ensures readability and a visually appealing presentation.
  • Age Group – Specify the age group relevant to the Event Type. This information aids in targeting the right audience for your Events.
Information required for adding Event Types

Visual Element

Image – Enhance the visual appeal by uploading an image related to the Event Type. Visual elements capture attention and provide a quick overview.

Featured Option

Consider enabling the Featured option if you want to highlight this Event Type. Featured types often attract more attention.


Frontend View of Event Types

Once you’ve entered all the details, it’s time to see how these Event Types appear on the frontend of your WordPress website. The organized display enhances user experience and facilitates easy navigation.

Frontend view of Event Types


Congratulations! You’ve successfully added a new Event Type to your WordPress website using EventPrime. This simple yet effective categorization system ensures a streamlined approach to managing and showcasing your Events.

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