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How To create coupon codes for you WordPress events?

Create coupon codes on your website using a single extension.

Event coupon codes are unique codes generated by admins to offer discounts to the attendees while they book events. Attendees can enter these coupon codes or promo codes in the promotional box of their booking page during the checkout process and obtain a discount.

To create coupon codes on your website, you will require the Coupon Code extension.

Coupon Code extension enables you to create unique event coupon codes for your website. In addition to that, you can also create an event coupon website that offers inexpensive event tickets, discount event tickets, free coupon codes or free promo codes, and more.

Overview and features of Coupon Code Extension

Coupon Code extension adds all new coupon related features to EventPrime core.

You can face miscellaneous difficulties in activating, managing, and setting limits on coupon usage on event websites. But the Coupon Code extension helps you to overcome all these difficulties seamlessly.

With the help of this extension, you can set discount types and limits on event coupon code usage.

Here are some of the other features of the Coupon Code extension that you can utilize:

  • Manage and create coupons to offer discounts to your customers at checkout
  • Create unlimited discount coupons with the help of unique codes
  • Generate unique coupon codes
  • Set the discount type as a fixed amount or percentage
  • Set an expiry date for the coupons, after which the coupon will automatically deactivate
  • Activate or deactivate coupons anytime
  • Set a limit on the number of uses of the coupon per user basis
  • Set a limit on the total number of coupon usage

Stepwise process of how to create coupon codes:

To download the Coupon Code extension, you need to visit the All Extensions Page of EventPrime website. If you already have the EventPrime Premium bundle, you do not need to download the extension separately.

Once the extension is downloaded, install from your WordPress dashboard area and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the left menu bar and find EventPrime. In the drop-down, you will find the Coupons menu item. Click and open the Coupons page

Step 2: Here you can click on ‘Add Coupon’ to create new coupon codes.

Step 3: Now, add a coupon name, and coupon code. Coupon name is for internal purpose while coupon code is the text string which users will enter on the checkout page.

Note: Your coupon code should be unique for every coupon. Otherwise, the page will show an error.

Step 4: Further, you can set discount and discount type. Two discount types are fix amounts or percentages. Also, you can set an expiration date and status of the event coupon code.

Set Coupon Usage Limit

Step 5: You can set a limit on usage per customer as well as on the total number of times the coupon can be used.

For example, if you set the ‘Uses Per Customer’ to 1, a user can use the code only once. In addition to that, if you set the ‘Limit By Total Uses’ to 10, then the coupon code can only be used 10 times (either by one user or by different users). The coupon code will be automatically deactivated as soon as the coupon code limit is reached.

Step 6: You can also add a description before saving. Coupon description can be used to describe the purpose of the coupon and is not visible to the user.

Step 7: The coupon will appear in the list on your Coupons page. You can create more coupons, and manage and edit your coupons from this page.

Frontend example of coupon codes

On the checkout page, users will get an option to enter the coupon code.

A Smart Coupon Code Solution

Coupon Code extension is a perfect solution that can help you gain extra revenue by providing incentive to the buyers to make their purchase decision faster.

The hassle-free and easy process of activating, managing, and creating discount voucher codes, makes this extension a smart solution.

You can explore other free extensions as well as paid extension options here.

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