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How to Add Offers to WordPress Events?

Quick Overview

  1. EventPrime Menus > Events
  2. Events > Events Settings > Tickets
  3. Under Tickets, click on Add New Types. Add details about tickets. Next, you have the option to add offers on the ticket. When filling in the details of the Ticket Type, provide information about offers and save changes before finalizing.


EventPrime gives you the flexibility to include exciting offers on your WordPress Event tickets. Whether it’s early-bird specials or festive promotions, this feature allows you to integrate these offers onto your tickets. Elevate your Event experience by exploring the possibilities of Ticket Offers with EventPrime, making your WordPress Events truly unforgettable.

Accessing EventPrime and Navigating to Events

To get started, open WordPress dashboard and locate the EventPrime menu in left-hand side admin panel bar. Next, click on Events to access the list of your scheduled Events.

EventPrime Menu
EventPrime Menu

Choosing and Accessing a Specific Event

Scroll through the list and click on the Event for which you want to add offers on ticket.

EventPrime > Events
EventPrime > Events

Accessing Event Settings

Inside the Event Settings, click on the Tickets tab.

Event Settings
Event Settings

Create a category here (for more details, follow this article).

Tickets Section after adding categories
Tickets section after adding categories

Once category has been added, click on Add Ticket Type. When creating a ticket type, fill in all the necessary details. Now, system will enable an option to create offers for tickets, such as providing discounts. Go to the Offers section and provide details about the offer such as:

  • Name: Enter the name of this offer, which will be visible on the front-end during ticket booking.
  • Description: Enter a description of the offers. This is visible on front-end.
  • Show Offer in Offers Section: This option creates a new section to display offers on the Event Page.
  • Offer Start/Ends: Choose whether you want to show this offer from Custom Dates, Event Dates, or Relative Dates.
    • You can choose a Custom Date where you specify a date of your choice. There is also an option to select the Event Date, which allows you to choose from Event Start or Event Ends. Furthermore, you can opt for a Relative Date, where you specify the number of days before or after the Event Start or Event Ends.
  • Offer Type: Choose whether this offer will be admittance-based, user role-based, or volume-based.
    • Admittance Based: This determines whether this offer applies to the first or last number of tickets.
    • User Role Based: Here, you can choose a particular role for whom this offer will be applicable.
    • Volume Based: Here, you need to enter the number of tickets for which this offer will be applied.
  • Discount Type: Choose whether you want to provide a discount by percentage or by a specific amount.
  • Multiple Offers Handling: Choose whether you want to stack multiple offers or apply only the first offer.
  • Max Cumulative Discount: Enter the maximum discount amount for a particular ticket.
Offers Section under Ticket Type options
Offers Section under Ticket Type options

This covers the Offers feature. Now, proceed to add other details and save the changes.


EventPrime emerges as the go-to solution to elevate your WordPress Events through its Ticket Offers feature. By providing the flexibility to create enticing deals such as early-bird discounts and festive promotions, EventPrime ensures that organizers can enhance the overall Event experience. This user-friendly and dynamic tool not only simplifies the process but also adds a layer of excitement for attendees.

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