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How to allow guest bookings for your WordPress events?

Allow your event attendees to book events without registering or logging in to their account with a simple Event Guest Booking extension.

Make the guest booking in WordPress simpler, quicker, and easier for your user with EventPrime Guest Booking Extension.

According to the stats, most of the users tend to leave the process of guest booking in WordPress mid-way if they are required to fill in a lot of details or if the process of online Guest booking takes too long.

You can avoid such scenarios and increase your booking rates by simply eliminating the login or registration process for your users.

The EventPrime Guest Booking Extension eliminates the process of login or registration and takes your user straight to the booking part.

The EventPrime Guest Booking Extension eliminates the process of login or registration and takes your user straight to the booking part.

Key highlights of event Guest Booking Extension:

The EventPrime Guest Booking Extension comes in handy when you host multiple types of events. Moreover, this feature is great for one-time users as well. Here are a few more highlights of this event guest booking extension:

  • Allows your attendees to book an event without registration.
  • Allows attendees to book events without logging in to their accounts.
  • Event attendees only need to enter their contact details as well as attendee details at the time of event booking.
  • Set auto WordPress account creation for attendees after event booking if required. 

Further, for your convenience, we have created a step-by-step guide of how you can install and use this Guest Booking Extension on your WordPress website.

To get started, you need to install the EventPrime Guest Booking extension on your WordPress event booking website. If you already have EventPrime Premium or Premium+, you can skip the first few steps and start from step 5.

Stepwise Process To Install and Use Guest Booking Extension:

1. To install the Guest Booking Extension, you can start by going to the EventPrime website. There you will find the Extensions Page. 

2. On the Extensions page below, you will find the Guest Booking extensions page. Click “More Info,” and you will be directed to the Guest Booking Extensions page.

3. Click the Purchase button and complete the checkout process. Once the checkout process is complete, the extension will download automatically. 

4. Once the extension is downloaded, all you need to do is install it.

5. After the installation, go to your WordPress admin. You’ll see the left menu of EventPrime on your Dashboard. Click on the Settings of the Menu.

5.  In the Setting menu you will see Extension tab where you will find Guest Booking Option. You can find all the settings related to event guest bookings over there. To proceed further click on the manage in Guest Booking extension.

6. After you click on the manage of Guest Booking extension, you will a checkboxes with a dialog “Allow Guest Bookings”. Once you tick the checkbox, it further shows you another option to automatically create a subscriber account after the booking.

7. Tick the second check box with the dialog “Auto Create Guest Account” only if you want to create subscribers account automatically after the attendee does an event guest booking without registration. 

8. Select the redirect page where you want to go after booking. Also, if you want any custom fields during checking tick the “Use Custom Checkout Fields”. And, at last before leaving the settings, make sure to save your changes. 

2 Step process to book events without registration or login

1. Go to the Events Calendar, hover your cursor over the desired event and click on it. You will be redirected to the event booking page, where you can enter the number of tickets required.

2. Just fill in the details and complete the booking process.

And in just two steps, the user will be able to complete the event booking.

Ending Note

The Guest Booking Extension is an amazing extension that is not only helpful for event management websites but also for other organizations. This extension can be used for auction websites, wedding websites, dentists’ websites, online event booking websites, and much more.

Moreover, the event booking software is extremely useful and can take your online event booking website to another level. If you want to enhance your website functionalities, then this free event booking system is a perfect choice for you. You can check out all the possible solutions and features of EventPrime here.

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