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The Most Powerful WordPress Events Plugin.

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Core Features

EventPrime Core is a powerful free plugin which offers many business class features out of the box.


Add multiple tickets and ticket categories with tiered fee structure and visibility.


An advanced offers builder which uses conditional logic and dynamic sale data .


A reliable checkout and payments system with payments log tightly integrated with bookings.


Powerful recurrence creator tool allows publishing series of events with a few simple clicks.

Checkout Fields

Build custom forms to capture data from the users during checkout process.


Wishlist allows your users to add and manage their favorite events from user area.

“…A very good plugin that does a wonderful job! Support handles issues and questions above and beyond expectations. I’ve bounced around many of the usual event plugins. This IS THE ONE I chose to stay with!…””

— @gmrobbins on
Core Framework

Custom Posts & Taxonomies

EventPrime’s framework is designed to work hand in glove with WordPress core system. EventPrime uses WordPress’ custom posts and taxonomies to save and generate all event related content on your website. It means faster performance, better security and future-proof compatibility with WordPress updates.

Event Types

Venues are custom taxonomies which have 1-to-1 connection with event custom posts.


Venues are custom taxonomies which have 1-to-1 connection with event custom posts.


Organizers are custom taxonomies which are connected to event custom posts through meta boxes.


Performers use custom posts with custom attributes. They have their own frontend pages and list views.

User Journeys

Checkout and bookings workflow is the backbone of EventPrime’s user experience. We have designed it to be fast and intuitive while minimizing browser navigation or extra mouse clicks. The user journey starting from the event listings to the booking completion is aesthetically pleasing and marked with prominent call-to-action buttons.

The tickets and seats selection process is fully handled by an advanced pop-up system which calculates pricing and discounts in realtime while users make their decisions, reducing any distractions or breaks in the workflow.

All bookings are saved inside the website’s database using WordPress’ custom post APIs and offers your users all the information they need about the events they have booked. There’s an in-built user account area from where users can manage their bookings and perform actions like adding events to their calendar or finding directions to the venues.

User Reviews

@2020media on

“…It offers a great range of features which brings the sites to life. The developers are really on the ball too, with regular updates and fast responses to feedback.…”

@mannabelle26 on

“… This plugin is very complete and the team is a really a dreamteam. I need some help and they work hard to find a good issue. I recommend it!…”

@karthiksridhar2000 on

“…I tried every other event management plugin out there for my college’s event. I couldn’t find a better plugin than this.…”

Popular Extensions

EventPrime Extensions allow you to extend the functionality of core plugin.

Live Seating

Create seating plans and assign tickets to seating areas.


Accept payments using your Stripe account.

Offline Payments

Allow bookings now and collect payment later.

Guest Bookings

Allow visitors to book events without logging in.

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