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How to Create Ticket Categories for WordPress Events?

Quick Overview

  1. EventPrime Menus > Events
  2. Events > Events Settings > Tickets
  3. Under Tickets, click on Add New Category, then enter the name for this category and the maximum number of tickets allocated for this category.


EventPrime, a WordPress plugin, serves as a valuable tool for streamlining and enhancing your ticketing process. Beyond simplifying the ticketing workflow, it provides you with the flexibility to establish diverse ticket categories, allowing for a more nuanced approach to Event admission. These categories, enable you to offer varying levels of access and perks, providing attendees with a customized and enriching Event experience to their preferences and budget.

Accessing EventPrime and Navigating to Events

To get started, open WordPress dashboard and locate the EventPrime menu in left-hand side admin panel bar. Next, click on Events to access the list of your scheduled Events.

EventPrime Menu
EventPrime Menu

Choosing and Accessing a Specific Event

Scroll through the list and click on the Event for which you want to add ticket categories.

EventPrime > Events
EventPrime > Events

Accessing Event Settings

Inside the Event Settings, look for the Tickets tab. Click on it to proceed.

Event Settings
Event Settings

Inside Tickets tab, click on Add Tickets Category to create a new ticket category. Next, give your ticket category a name that resonates with the exclusivity it represents. For an instance in a stadium seating, based on the location of the tiers, categories can be Upper Tier, Second Tier, Lower Tier etc. These category names will be visible when users will select tickets.

Event Settings > Tickets
Event Settings > Tickets

The next step is to enter the maximum number of tickets allocated for this category. This ensures that the total number of tickets allocated for different types of tickets under this category won’t exceed this number (to learn more about ticket types, navigate to this article).

After entering the category name and quantity click on Add.

Tickets > Add Tickets Category
Tickets > Add Tickets Category

Once required categories have been added, those can be viewed in the backend inside the Tickets tab, and they will also be visible on the frontend when users purchase tickets.

Tickets Section after adding categories
Tickets section after adding categories


In conclusion, EventPrime not only simplifies the ticketing process but also empowers Event organizers with the versatility to curate distinctive ticket categories. This feature enhances the overall event experience by offering attendees personalized choices, ensuring a memorable and tailored participation that aligns with individual preferences and budget considerations.

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