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How to Add a Venue to a WordPress Event?

Quick Overview

To add WordPress Venues, follow these steps:

  • EventPrime Menus > Venues
  • Venues > Add New Venues
  • Fill details and save changes.


EventPrime is a powerful plugin designed to simplify Event management on WordPress. It helps in creating and showcasing Venues for your Events. For WordPress Websites, adding Event Venues is a crucial aspect, especially for those hosting Events. Whether you’re organizing a concert, conference, or any gathering, having dedicated pages for Venues enhances the overall user experience.

In this article, we’ll see the process of adding Event Venues to your WordPress website using EventPrime.

Accessing EventPrime Menus

To begin, locate the EventPrime menu on your WordPress dashboard. Click on Venues to initiate the process of adding a Venue.

eventprime menus
EventPrime Menus

Creating a Venue

Once in the Venues section, you can start creating your Venue by providing relevant details.

venue page
EventPrime –> Venue page

Venue Page Details

Begin by entering the basic information:

  • Name: Input the name of your Venue.
  • Slug: Create a URL-friendly version of the name.
  • Description: Provide a brief description of the Venue.
  • Address: Pinpoint the location on the map.
  • Display Address: Enable to showcase the address on the Venue page.
venue page options
Information required for adding Venue

Additional Venue Information

Let’s dig deeper into Venue specifics:

  • Established: Select the date when the Venue was established.
  • Seating Type: Choose between seating or standing options.
  • Operator: Enter the name of the Venue coordinator.
  • Social Media Links:
    • Facebook Page: Add the URL of the Venue’s Facebook page.
    • Instagram Page: Include the Instagram page URL.
venue page options

Visual Elements

Enhance your Venue page with visual appeal:

  • Image: Upload relevant images to showcase the Venue.
  • Featured: Enable this option to highlight the Venue.
venue page options

Frontend Display

Curious about how your Venues will appear to visitors? Let’s see how it will be displayed on frontend!

frontend Venues
Frontend view of Venues


In conclusion, the process of adding Venues to your WordPress website with EventPrime is streamlined and user-friendly. Crafting detailed Venue pages not only improves the aesthetics of your site but also provides essential information to Event attendees.

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