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How to create bookings on behalf of other users for WordPress events?

In this article, we will demonstrate how to create Custom Attendee Bookings on your WordPress website.

Custom attendee booking is a feature that enables an admin to book events directly from the backed without registering or paying for the events.

It makes the booking process smooth and easy for you. This feature comes in handy for event organizers to book free tickets for themselves.

To create custom attendee bookings on your website you can utilize the Admin Attendee Bookings extension offered by EventPrime.

The extension is extremely easy to use and offers a complete event booking solution for event organizers and admins.

Why EventPrime is the best solution for online booking systems?

EventPrime is a dynamic WordPress events plugin that comes with a modern events calendar, WP event manager, and hosts some of the best in-built and premium extensions.

One such extension is Admin Attendee Booking. Using the Admin Attendee Booking extension, you can have an easier and faster booking experience. 

You can explore more features and unique extensions offered by this plugin.

Features of Admin Attendee Booking Extension

The extension is a premium event booking extension for your website. Here are some of the highlights of the custom attendee booking extension:

  • Create new custom attendee bookings from the backend.
  • No payment required to create bookings from the backend.
  • The event price will appear as the same to the admin.
  • Filter events by Keywords, Event Type, Date, Event Site.
  • All attendee bookings created by the admin will be listed in the Booking section and other front-end bookings.

Explore more about the features of this extension here.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use the Custom Attendee Bookings Extension

To create custom bookings on your website backend, download and install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard from the button below.

Step 1: Once you activate the extension, hover your cursor on the EventPrime left menu and click on ‘Bookings

Step 2: It will take you to the ‘Bookings’ page. Further, click on ‘Add New Attendee Booking’

Step 3: On this page, an identical events calendar of your frontend calendar will be displayed. From this event calendar, you can directly book events. Select event for which you want to do booking

Step 4: You will be directed to Event page, there you click on “Get Tickets Now”. After adding number of tickets, you proceed to checkout page.

Step 5: On checkout page, you just need to fill Attendees information and you can check out without paying.

Step 6: After checkout you will be directed booking details.

Step 7: Once done, your booking details will be visible on the Booking page.

In a Nutshell

EventPrime comes with an array of free and paid extensions. Apart from custom attendee bookings, there are multiple unique features offered by this WordPress event booking system.

Furthermore, you can download the extensions separately according to your requirements.

We have accumulated all the data on how to incorporate custom attendee bookings extension on your WordPress event booking website. 

If you need any further assistance, please comment below and our team will reach out to you with the best solution.

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