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How to create online or virtual WordPress events?

All of us got a lot more aware of the existence and popularity of virtual events through the unfortunate pandemic. Although, these events have existed for a very large period of time. To be exact, virtual global events became mainstream since the advent of the internet. They bring a huge deal of benefits and convenience for all businesses conducting them. In this article, we’ll look in-depth at how to create virtual events for your business websites on WordPress.

Virtual events can range from a variety of formal team events to events like music festivals and concerts. They open doors for bringing in far more bookings due to higher reachability. Aside from the convenience of people attending the events from home, virtual events also reduce the overall cost of conducting them.

Most of these are either free virtual events or paid. Either way, the knowledge on how to create virtual events will take your business a long way.

Your business may or may not have to be fully digital for you to conduct virtual events. Although, having a good WordPress website and decent online presence will help you boost the event nicely. These two criteria are almost mandatory too.

Virtual event software will help you create a number of things pertaining to these online events such as a virtual event calendar or a virtual event planner. These small yet significant factors help your brand’s event management grow and function smoothly.

Numerous big brands across the world have brilliant WordPress websites with smart event management systems. Some of these examples include the Sunburn music festival, Sony Music, Microsoft Teams, etc. The events conducted by these companies are huge and well-managed because of their smart systems.

Before we jump into the technical part of these systems, let’s quickly brush through the key concepts of virtual events and why they’re so important today before we finally take a look at how to create virtual events.

The roots of virtual events

Virtual events are digital or online events that take place on various online video conferencing or streaming platforms. The arrival of such events was witnessed long back with the widespread use of the internet as a service. The use of virtual events across companies for formal or informal events gives a sense of actual digitization that is occurring in the world.

Virtual events are the epitome of promotions for most businesses. A large number of businesses conduct virtual events not for formal or office purposes but for marketing and engagement motives.

Virtual events for marketing purposes are usually open for a huge chunk of the audience to whosoever the objectives of the event are relevant. It’s not a common sight to see more of any one type of event across the globe- paid or free. These virtual events take place in both forms equally.

A good event management system helps you take care of every aspect of the virtual event. Starting from the event creation on your site to the ticket booking process to the registration for seats to the actual event itself. Before we discuss the system, let’s discuss the importance of having virtual events for your website.

Why are virtual events so beneficial for your sponsors, attendees, and your business itself?

Virtual events provide your business with some great opportunities to create a good rapport with your event sponsors, attendees and open doors for active marketing. Here’s a list of some of the most significant reasons why you should conduct virtual events and lots of them!

  1. Helps make a nice first impression: Virtual events permit the organizers to plan and customize registration, payments, swift analysis, etc. which makes sure that your customers are getting the right impression. This also applies to your event sponsors and investors.
  2. Helps in lead generation: Good event retrieval apps provide for the brands to quickly follow up with the data that the registration form collects. Yet another benefit of registration forms! This helps the brands in so many smart marketing strategies that too at a very low investment/ budget.
  3. Showcases excellent management:  Traditional methods of event management are not easy or reasonable at all. But thanks to the availability of smart solutions at our disposal that even this is not a big deal. Having a flexible and supportive event management system helps you showcase superb management and organization skills. This is in turn helps put a good word for your brand.
  4. Development in value of sponsorships: Every single event that you organize either adds or reduces the value and opportunities for future sponsorships. Virtual events and smart event management software help you lean towards the former. They are much easier to conduct and manage as compared to physical events. Your first or next sponsors may evaluate you well on the basis of these.

Additional reasons

  1. Quick feedback: Virtual events aside from the precious data collection, helps in getting evaluating metrics for future purposes through feedback collection. These feedbacks are quick reviews that attendees of the event submit after the event. This is not possible in a sustainable form in the case of physical events.
  2. Increase attendee attendance: Since virtual events are not limited to any specific geographical location, a huge limitation gets eliminated. This allows the business to operate widely with attendees from all parts of the world.
  3. Two-way cost-saving: Virtual events as a matter of fact are really cost-saving to organize. These events are reasonable for the business in any case. Above all, they are budget-friendly for the attendees too. They don’t have to spend any money on the commute/ travel.
  4. Allows for better networking: Just like any other digital option, the reach of virtual events is high. Hence, they allow for excellent networking and collaboration options globally. This is a venture that the business can take to another scale given their level of intelligence.
  5. Saves time: Planning and execution of physical events are as time-consuming as it is expensive. Virtual events eliminate this hurdle altogether. No requirement for staffing, site selection, etc. Simple signup and registration and you’re good to go.

Virtual events have disrupted the event industry a lot and it’s time you host one for your business too. Earlier they seemed like a sort of a substitute for physical events but that’s not the trend anymore. Virtual events are a deal of their own now. Read more about virtual events here.

Creating a successful virtual event

Here are a few very basic things to bear in mind while creating a virtual event:

a. Recheck the event and its goals. Identify your business motives from it very clearly.

b. Select the platform for your virtual event. This plays a very important role in influencing the overall experience of your audience.

c. Keep your event participants in the loop for everything. No surprises, they don’t work well for events.

d. Content and the correct selection of its type is very important for the event.

e. Audience engagement should be the utmost priority which is exactly what gets your good reviews ultimately.

f. Try providing networking opportunities for your team and everyone involved.

g. See if you can promote your sponsors. Small favors go a long way.

Now revisiting our big question again, how to create virtual events that scream success?

How to create virtual events for your WordPress website?

Step 1: Go to the menu of the Event Prime Plugin and click on “Events”.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Events page. Click on “Add Event”.

Step 3: Now, provide the necessary details about the event. This includes the Event Name, a description of the event, selecting the Event Type, choosing a Venue, specifying the Organizer and Performer, and so on. Also, make sure to enter the Date & Time of the event. Additionally, you can add a few images related to the event in the Event Image section. Once you have added all the required details, click on “Publish” to make your event visible on the frontend.

Creating and planning events on your websites is now easier than ever through the EventPrime plugin on WordPress. With its hundreds of brilliant features on event planning, organizing, and managing, this plugin will let your website steal the show for your upcoming events.

EventPrime will help you find all answers relating to the big question of how to create virtual events. The plugin is built with numerous brilliant features unique to the plugin. All these features are meant to meet international standards and will get you an edge over competitors for everything event-related.

The event may be formal or informal, free or paid but EventPrime is sure to take you through it fully towards a bright result.

Event Lists

  1. Event Calendar: This feature lets you schedule an event on any particular date by just clicking on that date on the event calendar. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if your business is a core dealer of events or not. The feature provides the easiest and most seamless methods of creating events, event calendars, and changing the appearance of the events. This enriches the website business theme too.

2. Event settings: This feature allows the admin of the website to deal in a variety of event categorization settings. It provides options for image upload, description of the event, the custom link for the event for easy promotion, etc. The field also lets the admin make visible or otherwise the bookings made on the event.

3. Event dashboard: This one option has it all figured out for you and your events. As the name itself suggests this option is the hub for every event attribute. From the section, you can access event settings, assign a site for the event, establish performers and you access the options provided by EventPrime extensions too.

Event Type Lists

Event Type Setting: This field pertains to all event types directly. For instance, say you categorized your event under one particular type which you want to switch, this is your place to go. You can create and change event names and types as and when you require. You can choose color categories for one category of events and they’ll appear accordingly in the event calendar.

The option also allows the admin to set an age limit for the event to filter out an audience not belonging to that age group or minimum limit. For beautification, you may choose to add icons or images to your image type. This adds all the more charm to your website theme as well. In addition, you can also add certain instructions that are applicable to individual or all events. Create the best virtual events with this plugin!

Venue Lists

Venue Setting: The option allows you to create, delete or even edit the venues. The admin may choose to alter these options as and when required. You can add names and descriptions for existing events from this option. If in case, it is a physical event you may also choose to locate the site on Google maps through the plugin itself and project it on your event page. You’ll find extraordinary precision-based options for longitudes and latitudes for precise location marking.

In addition, the admin may choose to add the venue’s operator details so the attendees may contact in case of queries or grievances. You may also choose to add the Facebook page link of your event page if you have any. Pictures for and of the event are extremely important which is why this option allows you to add a photo gallery for your event. Aesthetic appeal is very important for an event registration page and EventPrime helps you take care of that just well.

Performer Lists

Performance Setting: This setting helps the admin of the website create, edit and delete performers of the event. This is a highly dynamic field in practical thoughts hence, this option provides the perfect chance to edit and redo any such thing. the admin may also choose to edit the type of performer and select whether it’s a group or a solo individual. You can also add the name and role of the performer. These roles include magicians, comedians, presenters, etc.

Additionally, you can add the cover picture of the performer for audience identification. You can also add a detailed description of the performer and choose whether or not you wish to project the performer directory page on the front end of the website.

Booking Lists

  1. Attendees List: This helps the admin view the complete list of attendees for an event with their booking ID, email address, event name, and the total number of bookings. The admin may choose to filter the list by events, booking time, booking status- cancellation/ paid/ refund, etc.
  2. Attendees Details: This is a single page that allows you to view the details of all attendees by their bookings. This option also allows the admin to download the details of the bookings in a PDF format kind of like a checklist. Above all, the most important function of this feature is to provide the notion of mailing all users a certain set of information together. The field also gives options for giving access to transaction logs of the attendees booking to the admin. For reference, the admin may conveniently add notes to the bookings.


Setting Details: This feature permits the admin to enable or disable email notifications and edit the content as per their preference. One can also configure a PayPal payments processor in addition to Stripe and Offline Payments. The admin is free to add APIs for Google Maps, Calendar, Facebook, etc. for outbound integrations. This feature adds all the more brilliance to the existing event management system.

In addition. the setting also allows the user to change the frontend display of past events and display pages. You can also choose to display or hide a 12-hour time format or a 24-hour time format time for the event. You can customize the CSS code for changing the look of your EventPrime frontend as per your wish.

Closing thoughts

Virtual or physical, managing events is surely not the easiest task but with EventPrime you’ll function at odds with this thought. The plugin basically allows you to create all types of important events seamlessly and without any cost. You create free virtual events from EventPrime and try for yourself.

Word for word, EventPrime helps you create the best events through WordPress and is available globally. Not just the technical or organization part of it, it also offers equally promising results for managing the aesthetics of the website too.

Try the free version of EventPrime now and you’ll have your doubts cleared!

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