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How to Set Ticket Sale Dates for WordPress Events?

Quick Overview

  1. EventPrime Menus > Events
  2. Events > Events Settings > Tickets
  3. Under Tickets, click on Add New Types, under this, locate Ticket Available From, and set date in one of three ways, i.e. Custom Date, Event Date, Relative Date.


Welcome to a comprehensive guide on setting ticket sale dates for your WordPress Events using EventPrime. Efficient ticket management is crucial for Event Organizers, and EventPrime simplifies this process with user-friendly features. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to establish ticket sale dates.

Accessing EventPrime and Navigating to Events

To get started, open WordPress dashboard and locate the EventPrime menu in left-hand side admin panel bar. Next, click on Events to access the list of your scheduled Events.

EventPrime Menu
EventPrime Menu

Choosing and Accessing a Specific Event

Scroll through the list and click on the specific Event.

EventPrime > Events
EventPrime > Events

Accessing Event Settings

Inside the Event Settings, look for the Tickets tab. Click on it to proceed.

Event Settings
Event Settings

First you need to create a category (for more details, follow this article).

Tickets Section after adding categories
Tickets Section After Adding Categories

After adding a category, click on Add Ticket Type. When creating a ticket type, you need to provide details regarding ticket availability. You have three options to choose from for Ticket Availability.

The first option is Custom Date. When you select this option, two text boxes will appear where you can specify the ticket availability dates and times. This allows you to define the time period during which this type of ticket will be available.

The second option is Event Date. Here, you may select the Event Start and Event Ends dates. This option is designed to align with your actual Event dates.

The third option is Relative Date. It allows you to enter the number of days before or after the Event starts or ends. For example, if you want to make this ticket available 10 days before the Event starts, enter 10 in the Enter Days box, choose Days before in the Days Option, and select Event Start in the Event Option.

Now, proceed to add other details and save the changes.


In conclusion, managing ticket sale dates for your WordPress Events becomes easy with EventPrime’s features. Empower your Event organization process, enhance user experience, and streamline ticket sales for a smooth and successful Event.

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