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How to Allow Attendees to Edit Their WordPress Event Bookings?

Quick Overview

  1. EventPrime Menus > Events
  2. Events > Events Settings > Bookings
  3. Under Bookings, look for the checkbox labeled Allow Booking Modification and enable it.


In the fast-paced world of Event planning, things may change rather quickly. That’s why having the ability to modify Event bookings is crucial. Fortunately, EventPrime offers a solution to ensure you can adapt to those last-minute changes without breaking a sweat.

Accessing EventPrime and Navigating to Events

To get started, log into your WordPress Dashboard and locate the EventPrime menu. Click on Events to access the list of your scheduled Events.

EventPrime Menu
EventPrime Menu

Choosing and Accessing a Specific Event

Scroll through the list of Events and select the specific one for which you wish to modify.

EventPrime > Events
EventPrime > Events

Accessing Event Settings

Within Event Settings, find and click on the Bookings section. Now, look for the checkbox labeled Allow Booking Modification. Click to enable it.

Events > Event Settings
Events > Event Settings

After enabling this option, you’ll need to specify the timeframe during which booking modifications will be allowed.

Event Settings > Bookings
Event Settings > Bookings

You have three options for selecting the timeframe:

Custom Date and Time: You can specify a particular date and time.

Event Date and Time: Choose the Event Start, Event End, and Gate Closure Timing.

Relative Dates: Select the number of days before or after the Event starts and ends.

Edit Option on the Frontend

On the frontend, locate the Edit option for the Event you previously booked. It’s like having the power to make changes at your fingertips.

Frontend User Profile
Frontend User Profile


In conclusion, allowing users to modify their Event bookings shouldn’t be a hassle. With EventPrime’s intuitive features, such an adaptability is highly accessible. Embrace the freedom to make changes effortlessly and ensure your Events run seamlessly.

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