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All extensions require EventPrime core version 3 or above installed on your WordPress website. Download Core

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Live Seating

Add live seat selection on your events and provide seat based tickets to your event attendees.


Allows fully customizable PDF invoices that can be be emails along with the booking details to the buyers.


Create discount coupon which can be redeemed while event booking checkout process.

Guest Bookings

Allow attendees to complete their event bookings as guests – without registering or logging in.

Import Export

Import or export events in popular file formats like CSV, ICS, XML and JSON for backups or migration.

Attendees List

Display names with other information of Event Attendees on the Event page, or within the new Attendees List widget.


Add sponsors to your events. Show sponsor logos and banners on event pages.

Admin Bookings

As an Admin, you can purchase customized event tickets on behalf of your website users.

Event List Widgets

Add 3 new widgets to your website. – Popular Events, Featured Events and Related Events.

Event Tickets

Customizable tickets for your events. Attendees can download and print them from user area.


WooCommerce Integration

Sell optional or mandatory items and merchandise with event tickets

Twilio Text Notifications

Send configurable text notifications to admins and users through Twilio.

MailPoet Integration

Connect and engage with attendees by subscribing them to MailPoet lists.

Zoom Integration

Host and sell tickets to Zoom Webinars directly through EventPrime’s event booking systems.

Zapier Integration

Host and sell tickets to Zoom Webinars directly through EventPrime’s event booking systems.


Stripe Payments

Start accepting Event Booking payments using the popular Stripe Payment Gateway.

Offline Payments

Accept event bookings provisionally and collect payments at the door.

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