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How to sell WooCommerce products with your WordPress events?

Integrating WooCommerce into your WordPress website allows you to add WooCommerce products as add-ons to ticket bookings, making it convenient to sell merchandise alongside your events.

Let’s explore how to use this feature with EventPrime on your WordPress site:

Ensure that you have both the WooCommerce Integration and WooCommerce plugins installed on your WordPress website.

Plugins ⇒ WooCommerce

Navigate to the EventPrime settings and click on the Extensions tab. Find the WooCommerce Integration section and click the Manage button.

Extention Tab–>WooCommerce Intergation

Activate the WooCommerce Integration plugin by selecting the radio button provided.

Now, visit the event page where you want to integrate products from WooCommerce.

Within the Event Settings section, you’ll find a WooCommerce tab (visible only if WooCommerce Integration is successfully installed and activated). Click on Enable Product.

After enabling products, you’ll have the option to choose categories and specific products to add to the event. You can also make the purchase of these product mandatory for attendees (they are optional by default). Once you’ve added all the necessary products, save your settings by updating the event.

When users reach the checkout page for the event, they will see details about the products they can purchase alongside selected tickets. Here, they can edit the quantity and make adjustments as needed.

To change the quantity of products added at the checkout page, users should click on the Edit button.

After making any necessary edits, users are required to provide billing and shipping addresses.

After completing the checkout process, they will be directed to a booking details page where they can review the specifics of their event ticket and the products, they purchased during the event booking.

Frontend-Booking Details
Backend-Booking Details


In conclusion, integrating WooCommerce into your WordPress website opens up new possibilities for merging product sales with your event pages. This powerful combination not only enhances convenience but also provides a comprehensive solution for selling merchandise alongside your events. By utilizing the WooCommerce extension with EventPrime, you can offer a more versatile and user-friendly experience to your audience, ultimately contributing to the success and profitability of your events.

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