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NABLEThe RSVP extension from EventPrime allows you to create invitation-based events. With this extension, you can send invitation emails to specific attendees and collect RSVP. It also offers a table view of all the guests attending the event. Moreover, you have the ability to filter events based on whether they are invitational events or not.

Let’s see how you can use this extension:

First download RSVP extension from EventPrime website and install in your wordrpess website.

Now, navigate to the desired event page that you intend to convert into an invitation-based event.

Inside the event page, proceed to the Events Settings section.

Here, under tickets section check the designated checkbox that designates the event as Invite Only Event, thereby restricting access to invited attendees only.

Within the same event page, you have the option to enable the Allow Updating Booking feature. This choice permits attendees to modify their responses and booking details as needed.

Now, go to settings of EventPrime from its menus, and click on Emails tab, there you need to scroll down and enable Event Invitation Email by clicking on Manage.

There check email template and if it is fine to you Enable this using the toggle given there.

Head to the EventPrime menus and click on the Invitation tab. This section is where you manage all aspects related to RSVP events.

Within the Invitation page, you will find a comprehensive list of all the RSVP events you’ve set up. You can quickly access details and manage each event from here.

On the invitation page, there is an option to send Invitations, so click on New Invitation.

A pop-up will appear where you need to enter First Name, Last Name and the Email of the guest.

Now, send an invitation by clicking on Send. Now, you can see all the details of invitations sent for the event on the same Invitation page. To view attendee information about that event, click on View under the RSVPs column.

Click on the View option associated with the particular event you want to review RSVPs for.

On the RSVPs page for the selected event, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive view of attendee details along with their event responses.

For attendees who are confirmed to attend, you can delve deeper by clicking View beneath their name to access additional guest details. Also, sponsors can print this list by clicking on Print given there.

Upon receiving the event invitation email, the attendee can respond by selecting either Yes, we are coming or Sorry, we won’t be able to attend (Both cases are shown in figure given below). Once their response is submitted, the RSVP table will be automatically updated to reflect their attendance status.

Options Showing Whether the Guest Will Attend the Event or Not
If Guest is Attending the Event
If Guest is not attending the Event

Let’s see how this will appear on frontend:

Navigate to User Profile -> Invites on frontend.

Case when guest is attending the Event
Case when guest is not attending the Event
If guest did not respond to RSVP yet

You also have the option to view a summary of invitations on your event page in the backend.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage RSVP-based events using the EventPrime extension within your WordPress dashboard.


In conclusion, the RSVP extension provided by EventPrime adds a new dimension of functionality to event management. By enabling the creation of invitation-based events, sending personalized invitations, and efficiently tracking attendance statuses, this extension enhances the overall event planning experience. With its feature-rich capabilities like attendee tables and event filtering, EventPrime’s RSVP extension empowers users to seamlessly orchestrate successful and organized events with utmost convenience.

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