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How to Create or Edit an Event Performer for Your WordPress Event?

Quick Overview

To add WordPress Performers, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to EventPrime and go to the Performers page.
  • Enter all the relevant details for your Performers.
  • Save the Performers.


Events with performers bring a unique flavor and energy to them, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. Whether it’s singers for concerts, keynote speakers for conferences, or sports teams for sporting Events, EventPrime, a powerful WordPress plugin, allows you to create and manage Performers for your Events.

Creating a Performer with EventPrime

Navigate to the Performers Page

In WordPress Dashboard menu, locate and click on the Performers page.

EventPrime Menus
EventPrime Menu

Add a New Performer

On the Performers page, find the Add Performer button and click it to initiate the process of creating a new Performer.

EventPrime > Performers
EventPrime > Performers

Provide Performer Details

Add Performers Page
Add Performers Page
  • Performer Type: Specify whether the Performer is an individual (person) or a group.
  • Name: Enter the Performer’s name.
  • Role: Define the role of the Performer, such as musician, writer, actor, etc.
  • Performer Image: Upload a cover image for the Performer to be displayed on the Event page.
  • Description: Add a descriptive text providing information about the Performer.
  • Display on List of Performers: Choose whether to include this Performer in the list of all Performers.

After filling in the necessary details, save the changes by clicking the Publish button.

Assigning Performer to Event

Assigning to a New Event

During the creation of a new Event, select the desired Performer from the available options.

Event page
Event Page

Assigning to an Existing Event

  1. Visit the Event’s Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Event you wish to edit/add a Performer to.
  3. Assign the Performer as you did during the creation of a new Event.
EventPrime > Events
EventPrime > Events

Performers on Event Frontend

When viewing an Event on the frontend, the assigned Performer(s) will be prominently displayed under the Performer section. This ensures that attendees can easily identify and appreciate the Performers associated with each event.

Frontend Performers Page
Frontend Performers Page


Adding Performers to your WordPress Events using EventPrime is a straightforward process that enhances the overall appeal of your Events. Whether you’re organizing concerts, conferences, or sports events, the ability to showcase Performers adds a dynamic element that resonates with your audience.

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