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How to organize your WordPress events with types?

Not all events are meant for everyone. Events are organized keeping their intended audience in mind and that is what differs a successful event from an unsuccessful one. For example, if you are a lot into music, chances are, you’ll attend rock concerts more often than spelling bees. While it’ll be the other way around if mastering words tops your priority list.

Reaching your target audience shouldn’t be any difficult when posting events online. EventPrime makes this possible with its Event Type feature. With the help of Event Types, you can easily categorize your WordPress events into meaningful, distinguishable types. We are going to see today how EventPrime’s Event Types work for this purpose.

Installing and activating EventPrime on your WordPress site is quite easy. If you haven’t used EventPrime on your WordPress site already, we recommend that you check out our official Starter Guide right now.

Creating Our First Event Type

Step 1: Start by going to the EventPrime menus on your dashboard. Look for the option called “Event Types” and click on it.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Event Types page. Here, you can provide details about the different types of events you want to create. These details include:

  • Name: Enter a name for your event type.
  • Description: Provide a brief description of the event type.
  • Background Color: Choose a color that will be used to represent events of this type on the EventPrime calendar.
  • Text Color: Select the color for the text that will be displayed for events of this type on the calendar.
  • Age Group: Choose the appropriate age group option to ensure that only attendees of the right age can register for events of this type.
  • Images: You can also upload a few images related to this event type.

Step 3: Once you have entered all the necessary details, you can see the event types you have added on the same event types page.

Now, you can see added event type on the frontend of the “Event Types” page.

Assigning Event Types to Events

Next, let’s see how to assign Event Types to a Events. When creating/editing any Event, you’ll get this option right away on the event creation form.


This wraps up a quick overview of the Event Type feature of EventPrime. Make good use of it and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

We’ll keep on adding more posts like this on how to use EventPrime for your WordPress events. So, stay tuned!

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