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Ratings and Reviews

by EventPrime

Allow users to post reviews and rate events using star ratings.

US$ 29.95


25 November 2023

version 3 and above


Allow users to post reviews and rate events using star ratings. Supports multiple options including review likes and dislikes, frontend scorecard, and a robust admin area configuration.

  • Users can post a review, ratings, or both for an event which will be published after admin’s approval from the respective Edit Event page. 
  • The published review count is displayed in the Summary meta-box on the “Edit Event” page with a hyperlink redirecting to a detailed overview. 
  • Permission for who can rate or review can be set to Anyone or Attendees. 
  • Admin can enable/disable review moderation. 
  • Admin can set the number of characters allowed for a review. 
  • The front-end Review list can be ordered by “Most to Least Rated” or “Most to Least Upvoted”. 
  • Users can report a review from the front end, however, the reported review will only be removed after the admin’s evaluation. In the Event admin area, user-reported reviews have a count attached to them “X users reported”, where “X” is the number of users who reported the review from the front end. 
  • Admin-reported reviews from the front end are directly moved to the “Spam” section/tab and are immediately removed from the front-end reviews list. Admin can restore the reviews from the “Spam” tab by marking the review as safe. 
  • Event visitors have the ability to upvote/downvote a posted review. 
  • Event ratings are displayed on the event listings as well with admin having the ability to toggle the visibility of it. 
  • A comprehensive ratings scorecard is displayed on the single event page with the following details – Average rating count, Average star rating, Total number of published reviews, Ratings VS Review count Chart. 
  • Admin can toggle the visibility of the Rating Scorecard. 
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