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Attendees List

by EventPrime

Display names of the users attending the event, below event description or inside a widget.

US$ 29.95


20 October 2023

Core v3 and above


This extension adds option to publish a configurable table with names of the attendees below the event details. It also includes a widget which can display list of attendees from a predefined event. There are multiple options to fine tune the table and the data it displays.

  • Attendee names will appear on the Event page within its own section.
  • You can configure heading, subheading etc.
  • Add a new Attendees List widget from Appearance → Widgets page in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Select the Event from widget settings for which you want to display Attendee Names in the widget.

Below is an example of attendees list table published through this extension (Fig 1).

Fig 1: An example of attendees list table.

Once you install and activate this extension, all events will automatically start displaying attendees list on their respective event pages. Therefore, it is recommended to configure this extension as soon as it is activated on your website.

To access its settings, in the admin menu, please click Settings under the EventPrime menu item. This will open EventPrime’s settings area. On the tabs row above, click on the Extensions tab (Fig 2).

Fig 2: Accessing the Extensions Settings inside EventPrime Settings area

Extensions tab displays a list of installed extensions which can be further configured. You will find a block with Attendees List heading here. On the right side, there’s Manage button (Fig 3).

Fig 3: Accessing Attendees List Settings

Once you click on the Manage button, it will open a new page with multiple options (Fig 4).

Fig 4: Attendees List settings
Attendees List Options
Heading | String

Heading stores the value for the heading of attendees table on events pages. It is published on the frontend with with 1 rem bold font. If you leave it blank, default text string Going to this event will be displayed instead.

Subheading | String

Subheading appears just below the Heading on top of the attendees list table. It is displayed in a smaller font with muted text.

You have the option to prefix attendee count to this value using the next option Subheading Prefix.

Subheading Prefix | Toggle

If you toggle this option on, the count of attendees confirmed so far will be added before the Subheading value. This allows you to create dynamic subheadings for attendees list table. Please note, once this option is on, to make sure the complete subheading is comprehensible to your visitors, you must assume the attendee count at the beginning of the text string. Here’s an example:

23 people confirmed so far

In this example, 23 is the combined count of attendees from all the bookings for this event so far. It is automatically calculated and added before your subheading, which should look like this:

Minimum Count to Show | Positive Integer

If you set a number here, then the attendees list will only be published once the total number of the attendees is equal to or more than this number.

Allow Search | Toggle

Toggling this option on will display a search box above attendees list table. Visitors can perform search through attendee names using this search box. Search will filter the list in real-time and there will be no refreshing or redirections. Visitors can clear searched keywords using a small icon on the right side of the search box, if they want. Visitor search data is not stored.

Show Number Prefix | Toggle

Toggling this option on will display number with attendee names in descending order, on left side.

Show Last Names | Toggle

Toggling this option on will display attendee last names in the list. This will only work if there is a Last Name field in the Checkout Fields of the event.

Maximum Height | Positive Integer

If you have hundreds of attendees attending your event, the attendees list table may become unreasonably tall, increasing the event page height. This option allows you to set maximum height of the table container in pixel units. If the height of the table is more than this number, then an internal scroll will appear allowing visitors to scroll the attendee list table (see image below).

Names Per Row | Positive Integer

This option allows you to indirectly control width of the attendees list table. Depending on the width of the content area of your WordPress theme, you may want to fine-tune this number. Ideal values lies between 3 – 6. Wider themes can accommodate more rows, while narrow themes can appear cramped with too many names in a row.

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