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Admin Attendee Bookings

by EventPrime

Allows admins to create custom bookings using regular EventPrime checkout process.

US$ 29.95


28 July 2023

version 3 and above


As an admin you can use this extension to create new bookings. It can be useful for point-of-sale bookings, reserve seats etc.

  • Admins can create new custom attendee bookings using the frontend bookings workflow.
  • No payment from the attendee will be required to create booking.
  • Event price will appear as usual to the attendee.
  • Use backend events page to initiate bookings.
  • Filter events by Keywords, Event Type, Date, Event Site.
  • All attendee bookings created by the admin will be listed in the Attendees section along with other frontend bookings.

Once you have installed and activated this extension, a new button labeled ‘New Attendee Booking’ will appear on the bookings page (Fig 1).

Fig 1: Position of New Attendee Booking button

Clicking this button will take you to your website’s frontend Events page, where all your events are listed. Once you reach this page, you will also see a green toast notification on top-right of your screen confirming you are in Admin Attendee Booking mode (Fig 2).

Fig 2: Admin Attendee Booking mode confirmation toast

Now you can select the event of your choice and complete the booking without making any payment.

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